As I begin working with the new Mesa Electronics 7I96S motion control interface card, I quickly realized I needed a mount. Ideally something modular and secure while also using parts I already have on hand. One item you will often find on my bench are din rail adapters; such as those from Phoenix Contact (1201578 & variants “link“). These handy little units allow you to secure almost anything you desire to a standard 35mm din rail.

Pairing the din rail adapters with a 3D Printed sub plate should make for a very secure and adaptable solution. Utilizing Fusion 360, it takes no time at all to model up a intermediary plate to interface between the Mesa 7I96S and purchased din rail adapters. Below we can see the final rendition of my design in Fusion 360.

In conclusion; I ended up with is a easy to print and solid Mesa 7I96S din rail mount. Utilizing M3 hardware and threaded heat inserts. If you have a 7I96S you need to mount securely to a 35mm din rail. Please checkout the “Files” tab at the top of this website to download the FREE CAD file today !

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