M.E.S.S.I Basic + LinuxCNC

M.E.S.S.I stands for “Mesa Electronics Smart Serial Interface” Basic , well that one is rather straight forward It’s basic. This board serves a single purpose.

Mesa Electronics make a wide range of FPGA based LinuxCNC anything I/O boards. The 7I92 in particular has always been a go to for me. It has enough I/O for a variety of projects and is very versatile. Directly plugging into boards like the C10 BOB , Gecko G540 or MX3660MX4660 with the correct bin file, no problem! One feature missing from the base Mesa 7i92 however; is direct compatibility with Mesa’s own line of Smart Serial daughter boards. The required RS422 hardware is simply not provided.

Not to worry ! Smart Serial boards use bog standard RS422. All we need are two free fpga pins to provide the required RX / TX lines and the right IC. Cue my M.E.S.S.I Basic. Pulling RX,TX,GND and +5v directly from the 7i92 adding a Smart Serial board becomes a plug and play affair with any off the shelf ethernet cable.

This board like many of my projects is 100% Open Source ! Want to make your own? Head over to my GitHub page to download the files today ( GitHub Link ). Found my work useful or inspiring? I could always use more coffee ☕😁. Paypal.me link.

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